15 Creative, Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are an amazing part of Christmas. Sometimes the best gifts are the smallest in size — and that’s what makes revealing what’s in your stocking on Christmas morning so exciting.

We all remember the awkward moments we suffered as teenagers. These knitted coffee cozies will be an instant success with coffee and tea drinkers alike! Made from a thick fabric these sleeves will last for years and years, and you can customize them to each family member. Light and compact, makes a rich and bold espresso on-the-go without leaving a mess.

Discover whimsical stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. Find knacks for the crafty kid, kitchen gadgets for the chef and affordable novelty gifts for him and her. Our gift guide makes it easy to fill Christmas stockings with toys and treats for the whole family.
60+ Sweet Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love. These thoughtful finds have the one-of-a-kind charm that says,
Discover whimsical stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. Find knacks for the crafty kid, kitchen gadgets for the chef and affordable novelty gifts for him and her. Our gift guide makes it easy to fill Christmas stockings with toys and treats for the whole family.
This Christmas season, don't worry about finding cheap stocking stuffers. We've done the leg work and found 15 great stocking stuffer ideas. Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Fill your family's (and friends!) stockings with a bunch of sweet surprises. These cool, unique (and even affordable) stocking stuffer ideas include something for everyone on your list this Christmas.

DIY 46 Genius Stocking Stuffers You'll Want To Keep For Yourself. Find a sock-worthy gift for everyone on your list this holiday season.

Packed with nutrients and caffeine, this set of 10 match powder packets makes a stocking stuffer that will surely help kick everyone's New Years resolutions into gear. Luckily, you can beat the silence by dropping a box of Conversation Starters and Fun Facts in one of your family member's stockings.

The pile of question cards will keep people busy and laughing throughout the holiday season. Make sure to keep it handy for road trips, too. This holiday, grab each member of your family a personalized, monogrammed jewelry box. Each piece of hand-painted stoneware come with floral lettering in various colors and can fit a few precious jewels or treasures inside. Help everyone relax over the holidays by placing a few bags of Deep Detox Bath Salts in their stockings.

The salts come with Dead Sea salt along with your choice of aromatherapy scents like organic rose petals and lavender. The holiday season typically comes with colder weather, which often leads to dry, chapped lips.

The set by HappyDabbyBits is perfectly sized to fit into any pocket and comes with hand-drawn lettering made on percent recycled paper. Scrunchies are all the rage once again, and luckily they're also on the cheaper side. Scrunchies not only keep your hair in place and make you look fashion-forward, but they're also a lot less likely to leave you with an unfortunate crease when you take your hair down.

Help everyone feel a bit cozier this holiday season with their own pair of funny socks. Kick it old school this holiday season with a Lomography disposable camera stocking stuffer.

Sleepover Party Mad Libs. With the Sleepover Party Mad Libs, girls can play their favorite word game at their next sleepover party. The book has 21 stories that will keep them giggling all night long.

A wonderful stocking stuffer for young girls! Remember when you grew your first chia pet? Now with this handmade decorative planter, you can grow your own Chia Emoji Smiley Planter. Contains seed packet for 3 plantings. Full growth is reached in one to two weeks. Are you ready for an Adult Only party game that involves kittens, explosions, boob wizards, and butts?

This Not Safe for Work Edition is good for players, and up to 9 players if combined with other decks. Includes 56 cards with illustrations by The Oatmeal. This 1fl oz bottle of TruSkin naturals is a wrinkle-free stocking stuffer. Wrinkles will magically disappear for a smoother, revitalized youthful complexion!

Works or our money back! Iphone Beer Bottle Opener Case. The iPhone beer bottle opener case serves a dual purpose: For outdoor adventures and indoor emergencies, the LifeStraw allows for easy and safe access to clean drinking water. A must-have for all adventurers and travelers. Awkward Moment Card Game. We all remember the awkward moments we suffered as teenagers. Ecstacy Soaps Soap Box. That usually involves some sort of pampering so why not put these all-natural soaps in her stocking this year?

With no parabens and not tested on animals, she can treat herself to a soak in the bath without feeling guilty.

This dainty pocket sized hip flask will be a hit with the ladies in your life. It wirelessly connects to up to 2 tablets or smartphones and plays your chosen music in clear surround sound.

Re-create 12 Vintage Posters. Paint by Sticker is the next step in the coloring book trend that swept over the world recently. Each template is divided into numbered spaces and the corresponding sticker must be stuck there to complete the picture. This cute matchstick holder is the perfect size for you to slip into her stocking this Christmas. Multi-Tool Box of Wonders. Anseahawk Reusable Shopping Tote Bag.

Cut back on the plastic consumption and take these reusable shopping bags to the grocery store next time you go. Choose from 8 fruit or vegetable designs, such as watermelon or carrot. This body scrub is ideal to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin, making it clearer and moisturized.

It contains a combination of 26 essential minerals to detoxify your body. Uniquely designed, this USB stick is attached to a cork and comes with a glass jar for it to be stored in.

It can store up to 8GB of your documents, photos and music and is durable enough to withstand being tossed around in a bag or plugged in and out of computers throughout the day. Bright Ideas Productivity Journal. Do you know a woman who is full of creative ideas but has nowhere to put them?

This productivity journal will be a great stocking stuffer for her then. It has pages of dotted sheets, blank tables and colorful inspiration to help her jot down her best ideas. This seed starter kit is excellent for anyone with green fingers. Because of their size, they could be placed in a garden or even in small pots on a windowsill or shelf. Included in this cocktail inspired kit there is lemon balm, cinnamon basil and mint which would be perfect added to any cocktail.

Are you fed up of finding her hair ties everywhere? It has a channel running down the middle which is the perfect size to keep hair ties in. Sometimes, travel plans go awry.

And when that happens, we all get stressed and wound up. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and clarity with this travel tea set. Organic herbs such as chamomile and lemon balm will help you calm down in moments of stress. All you need to do is find a mug. Help them tell their stories over six gazillion of them!

Players simply pick a few cards, and then discuss, draw, act out, or write about the story that unfolds. No electronics or batteries are required-just imagination, creativity, and fun! The colorful and ergonomic AppCrayon stylus helps kids practice holding and using a writing utensil. With the talents of an award-winning designer, a lovely cherry wood construction, and tons of personality, the cubebot is a puzzle, action figure, and transformable robot all in one. With imaginative illustrations, whimsical characters, and fantastic worlds to explore, Gubs is a clever and richly creative card game for kids and families.

Players are pitted against each other to build the mightiest colony while avoiding traps and navigating mysterious territory in the exciting world around them. Bacon makes everything better?

Each novelty tin contains fifteen bacon-backed adhesive bandages, plus a fun bonus trinket. Lego Mini Storage Boxes. Lucky recipients of this fun gift can use it to store office lunches, school supplies, toys, trinkets, and anything else they can imagine.

This quirky, contemporary desk accessory includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, and holders for various cards, clips, and cubicle necessities. Novelty gifts like this canned unicorn meat make perfect stocking stuffers that will have everyone smiling.

At first glance it appears to be just another gag gift, but you never know when these emergency underpants may come in handy! Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. It looks great on display, too! Vacu Vin Wine Saver. Simply put, the Wine Saver is a nifty vacuum pump that extracts air from an open wine bottle and then promptly reseals it with a reusable stopper. This effectively slows down the oxidation process, which keeps wine fresher and smoother for up to 10 days. With a sleek and slim design, the multifunctional Pocket Pal features a fold-out, diamond coated rod that sharpens serrated and standard edges to a razor-sharp finish.

Weighing it at just one ounce, this knife sharpener is perfect for campers, hunters, fisherman, and more. A high-quality stainless steel bottle keeps both hot and cold beverages at their ideal temperatures for hours.

Choose between several colors and sizes. Whether for the novice or the professional player, the Snark instrument tuner is an effective yet inexpensive find. With a faster response, a brighter display, a tighter frequency, and a simple yet sturdy clip, this quick and accurate tuner can be used with any instrument.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled. Spin the wheel and take the dare! Pick the jelly bean with the color it lands on: Prepare yourself to taste some crazy flavours! Anker Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver.

Transmit great sound with the Anker 2-in-1 Bluetooth audio transmitter receiver. Small enough to fit in your pocket or sit on your dash, it connects to your iPhone, e-reader, TV, computer, and many other devices. Trick someone with Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets.

These magnets are dead-ringers of chewed-up gum pieces. They come in a variety of colours: FRED design makes quality products that turn your home or office into a fun environment. Exercise your way to a new body with the Dynapro Resistance Bands. Perfect for fitness at home: Versatile and snap-resistant, this eco-friendly product is compact and portable.

This sweat-resistant, anti-radiation, bamboo mouse will be right up your alley. Made with bamboo material and a solid construction, it is both durable and recyclable. Surprise someone with this unique stocking stuffer! Feel like a nerd when your glasses slip down your nose, you can now use Nerdwax.

Apply to your glasses and they can stay in place all day long depending on the application. Know someone who could use this stocking stuffer? Pac-Man Connect and Play. Do you remember playing Pac-Man? The game case comes in the original Pac-Man design including a joystick controller with improved functionality. Comes with 12 classic games, including the iconic Pac-Man game. The Party Game for Groups. The party game for a group of all sizes and ages!

Goofy, lighthearted, and a great game for after dinner, holiday, or family night gatherings. A great stocking stuffer to learn fun tidbits about your friends and family.

Feetures Athletic Running Socks. Looking for socks with sock-lock technology? Stuff your stockings with Feetures! Elite socks, designed to enhance fit, comfort and protection. You get extreme comfort from the seamless toe, and maximum comfort from high density cushioning in high impact areas. Iwick fibers control temperature and moisture keeping feet cool and dry under extreme conditions. Need a new credit card wallet? The CardNinja Ultra-slim can store up to 8 cards.

It adheres securely and is compatible with most smartphones and phone cases. This stocking stuffer comes in all colors! One size fits most! Need a squishy toy to knead and squeeze? With a soft touch, they are a full hand size. When squished, it releases a delicious, creamy scent. A fun stocking stuffer for everyone! On The Rocks Set.

Laughter is the best medicine, so make sure everyone on your Christmas list has all the tools they need when comedy is the cure. String Swing Guitar Hanger. Help your friends and family keep their valuables safe with a clever soda can safe. It looks just like the real thing, but users can store money and valuable inside; potential burglars and shady roommates are likely to ignore the soda can when snooping, leaving valuables untouched inside. It makes a great stocking stuffer, and a perfect novelty gift for pickle fans.

For great all-around knowledge and skills, the Pocket Ref 4th Edition is a handy reference book filled with mountains of information.

Recipients will have instant access to maps, tables, formulas, conversions, and information on a variety of subjects. A stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle make it a must-have for the kitchen. Help them save their favorite Christmas sweaters with the Sweater Pill Brush. It gently removes lint and pet hair from natural fiber. Has anyone on your Christmas list ever wanted to be a superhero? Now you can give her that opportunity. Women who regularly enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, sports?

When bathrooms are not readily available or sanitary , the Go Girl device is easy to use and clean whenever she needs it. This gift is as much fun for little ones as it is for their parents. The mustache pacifier keeps baby calm and comfortable, though everyone who bears witness will have a difficult time trying not to giggle at such a handsome mustache! Agate is an exceptionally beautiful and intriguing mineral; produced from ancient cooled lava, this set of four agate coaster includes vibrant flax, fuchsia, earth, and azure colors that will bring an air of natural warmth and mystery into the home.

Swiss Army Marble Knife. Everyone should have a Swiss Army knife in their possession. But who said they have to be boring? The Marbles 3D classic design showcases a beautiful hand crafted marble design, the colors are so eye-catching and its small enough to fit inside a purse or pocket. Pokemon Bulbasaur Ceramic Art Vase.

Perfect for Pokemon fans or even just fans of anime, this Bulbasaur decorative vase will look excellent on a shelf decorating an office or just in the garden. Made from ceramic and a striking light green, this high-quality vase will be the envy of all your friends.

Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment. Overnight Foot Care Kit. Pop this overnight foot care kit into her stocking and her feet will be well rested and soft come the morning. Massage all-natural rosemary and mint cream into your feet, pop on the fluffy socks and go to sleep, letting the cream do its job.

Soft Jersey Garden Gloves. Women can rarely find pretty gardening gloves. But the moves can be difficult to master, especially the more complex ones.

These Yoga Joes will be a great reminder of how to perfect moves such as the downward dog or the tree pose. The perfect addition to any workspace, these fidget blocks have been inspired by Tangrams, a geometric puzzle from ancient China. The wooden segments are joined together by elastic to provide hours of distraction for fidgety hands.

A snake or even a sphere are among the many creations that are possible with these blocks. Do you have your very own Wonder Woman? Show her just how wonderful she is with this comic strip mug, showing the evolution of the popular Amazonian female superhero. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it just as indestructible as Diana herself. But what if some sticky gum could actually hold up your phone?

Perfect for all Apple and Android devices. Apple products are great, but their accessories are just a little…white. Jazz them up with these colorful vinyl labels. Each pack has four characters which can be used to brighten up a charger, both ends of a USB cable and headphones. Share some enlightenment with these Great Minds notecards.

A great stocking stuffer for her, these notecards have four of the most memorable quotes from three great minds. Gift her with quotations from Einstein, Buddha or John Muir, all presented in a beautiful keepsake box. Rose gold is super elegant, and these gorgeous earrings are no exception. Presented in a beautiful jewelery box, these 7mm round stud earrings will be the perfect stocking filler for the woman you love, to show her just how much you care about and for her.

Place this mug in her stocking this festive season and let her display her title proudly. Huy Fong Sriracha Popcorn. With the perfect blend of garlic and chili and a splash of vinegar, this flavor combination delivers warming spice without the painful burn. Who needs a whole toolkit for tending to the garden when you could just have one multi tool? Made from stainless steel and beechwood, this pocket pruner multitool has everything you could need to prune and snip the plants and flowers in your garden.

Keep all your handy tools in one place with these tool kits. The clip-on watch has a glow in the dark face so the time is always visible and it also features a red nightlight too. Ayurvedic Daily Super Spice Shot. Spice up her stocking this year by slipping in these daily spice shots. They can be added to literally anything like toast, smoothies and yogurt to invigorate her. This ancient practice of using foods to improve health is growing more popular so help your lady be ahead of the crowd by giving her these this Christmas.

Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games. These colorful blocks make up a super fun game that the whole family can enjoy. Stack them, roll the dice and see which color you get. These blocks are multi-purpose and can also be used to play dominoes or just to make different shapes. Does your woman work long hours staring at a computer or have painful allergies that make her eyes sore and irritated? Then these Finnish eye stones will be a perfect stocking stuffer for her.

Pop them in the refrigerator and then place them on or under the eyes for instant cooling relief. If your lady loves taking good quality pictures, put this phone camera lens into her stocking this Christmas. This high-quality lens minimizes glare and reflection with a Drinking a glass of your favorite wine first thing in the morning is frowned upon. But what about taking a shower in wine? Not literally of course but using these wine soaps! All natural and vegan, they contain the key notes of popular red and white wines and also have many benefits for your skin.

Most tool kits are plain and boring, easily lost among the other tools in your kit. Bring a bit of rainbow color to your box with this rainbow multi tool kit. Panda Weekly Planner Coloring Book. Scientifically proven, the Panda Planner can bring productivity and happiness to your daily life. With space to plan and review your week, plus a new coloring page each week which has been shown to relax and calm your headspace.

Coffee and Donut Earrings. A coffee and a donut, a classic combination. They taste delicious together, dunk the donut into the coffee and experience a taste sensation. So why not incorporate them into your jewelery? A sprinkles donut and coffee in a rainbow mug actually make really cute earrings.

Planetary Glass Set by ThinkGeek. Compromise with this set of glasses, patterned like the planets in our solar system. Drink from a red glass that looks like the fiery surface of Mars or one with the instantly recognisable blue and green of our home planet. Keep all of the necessary tools together in one place with this 5 in 1 tool pen. This awesome stocking stuffer features a screwdriver, ruler, bubble level, stylus for touch screens and a pen with a clip to stop you from losing it.

Perfect for a Jill of all trades. Who said you need a telescope to look up at the stars? You can learn all about constellations just by looking at these super cool knee-high socks.

Made from cotton and polyester, if she finds these in her stocking this year, she really will have stars in her eyes and on her socks! Feminism was recently named as word of the year. Show your support for equal rights for women with this cute pin. The two pins on the back will ensure it stays put, no matter where you put it. The citrus saw-a dual purpose fruit slicer and bottle opener-is an excellent stocking stuffer and afun tool for the kitchen and bar.

The Fault In Our Stars. This inspiring memoir is both a tribute to the power of books and a bittersweet true story of a life well-lived. An emergency fire starter is the ultimate tool for campers, hikers, and outdoorsman of all varieties. Weighing just over half an ounce and measuring less than three inches in length, the sleek magnesium fire starter fits easily in pockets, packs, and kits as well as Christmas stockings. Its carbon steel teeth easily cut through wood and branches, making the firewood-gathering process a breeze.

It includes a pouch for easy and compact carrying. Heavy duty materials and a sleek design make this cheese slicer a highly recommended favorite.

Cheeses are evenly cut every time, with quick and easy adjustments for different thicknesses. Slip it into the wine and cheese lover? Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and eye-opening game for adults. These stretchy SmartWool Socks are as comfortable as they are stylish. Choose among various sizes and colors. Soft touch fabric that comes in Adult Regular size. Machine washable and tumble dry. Need a Nespresso fix?

This handheld Minipresso machine will come to your rescue. Light and compact, makes a rich and bold espresso on-the-go without leaving a mess. Efficient and hand operated, you can prepare your coffee on the run.

Easy to clean after use! Compatible with Nespresso capsules. Bath Bombs Spa Gift Box. Need some tender loving care? Each bath bomb is good for one bath, but you can mix and match, and add bath tea for a luxurious soak in the tub! Contains Epsom salts to draw out toxins, relax, or soothe muscles, and Kaolin clay to soften your skin! A sudsy stocking stuffer! The perfect stocking stuffer for whiskey lovers and aficionados! Simply place the silicone ice form into the glass, pour water, freeze, then remove the form.

Pour your whiskey or favorite spirit, and enjoy an ice-cold drink. Need to freshen up on the go? You can apply your make up in the dark! This convenient stocking stuffer comes with a matching Pearl carry case! Roku Express is an HD streaming player. Comes with easy-to-use remote with simple navigation features. Access HD streaming at an incredible price with this smart stocking stuffer! Blackbird Natural Beard Oil. Do you have an itchy beard?

It enhances natural hair color and soothes dry, itchy skin. Perfect for beards of any length and all skin types. An scratch-free stocking stuffer for guys! Contains oat and coconut surfactants to cleanse the skin. Includes Witch hazel that acts as an astringent and antioxidant. Your skin will feel hydrated and fresh! Lost your keys or your phone? Find them with this helpful stocking stuffer. The Tile Style will find your phone or your keys by simply double tapping the button.

Your phone will even ring on silent. Take vibrant panoramic photos with this degree wide-angle lens. Its rechargeable battery allows 90 minutes of use. Mounts magnetically or with a clip.

An exciting stocking stuffer for the adventurous traveler or photographer! Another great stocking stuffer for everyone! The Fire TV Stick is one of the most powerful streaming media sticks on the market for its value. You can even travel with the stick. It keeps them from getting tangled up in their pocket and protects them from getting smashed against other items. Christmas Chai Tea Bags. Make Christmas even more merry with these Christmas Chai tea bags. Give them the gift of preparedness when you put together this emergency kit that fits nicely and neatly into a purse.

Bring even more holiday spirit to the air with this glitter globe that you make yourself. Unlike a snow globe it uses glitter for snow so the whole thing sparkles and shines, especially under the glow of the Christmas tree.

Data Cable Organizer Keychain. Great for the techy in your life that always seems to be linking up to transfer files. Hot Cocoa in a Jar. Cross Stitch iPhone Case. This cross stitch iPhone case is definitely a unique stocking stuffer that no one else will be getting. You can choose from a large selection of different patterns, and the case will be custom fit for their phone. Gingerbread Men Snow Globe Soaps. These soaps are sure to be a hit because they look like gingerbread men snow globes.

The scent from the soap should get everyone in the Christmas spirit even more. Made from a thick fabric these sleeves will last for years and years, and you can customize them to each family member. Sewing Kit in a Jar.

Diy Felt Heart Hand Warmers. Surprise your family with these adorable hand warmers! Made with felt, rice and lavender grains, and a needle, you are ready to sew your love into these heart-shaped messages of warmth and love!

These are fun gifts to make and the instructions are easy to follow. These will become a favorite stocking stuffer! Friendship bracelets are making a comeback! Your daughter will learn how to make the easiest friendship bracelets using a simple braid pattern, fancying it up with a sweet card, and lacing the bracelet through punch holes.

Learn to make your own unique brand of lip balm. They are ridiculously easy to make and are the sweetest stocking stuffers! Follow the recipe using these ingredients: Decorate the lip balm pot and wow your friends with this personal gift! For your next stocking stuffer, decorate pencils with fancy colors and catchy polka dot designs. You might even keep some for yourself. Create a lotion bar with your own unique scents! You can make these for yourself, or they make a great stocking stuffer.

Do not hang near the fireplace. Dress up your lollipops! Draw lips and moustaches onto coloured foam paper and cut them out. Pierce a hole and stick the lollipop through. Add colorful labels with special messages, cut, and affix to the handle. Your kids and their friends will love it! Diy Clay Statement Neon Ring. Will neon rings be the new craze?

Makes a fun and zany stocking stuffer for your young friends. Celebrate the holidays with some homemade peppermint bark! Follow the step-by-step recipe and create an unforgettable holiday treat for everyone! These delights are sprinkled with magical candy cane dust. Wrap the pieces in fancy packaging using cellophane bags, ribbons, and holiday scrapbook paper. Surprise your family and friends with this delicious gift! Vintage Feedsack Chalkboard Lockets.

Makes a wonderful holiday stocking stuffer! Learn how to make these mini vintage lockets following the DIY instructions. You can make them as unique and customized with different cloth patterns, bead colors, photos, and chalkboard paint on the inside. Leave heartfelt messages for your family and friends to discover! Pie Chart Paper Pendants.

All you need to make these pie chart pendants is paper, glue, thread, a jump ring, and some glaze. Cut the pie sections using all kinds of color combinations. Come up with unique designs of your own. Makes a cute personal gift or stocking stuffer for anyone! Start your own line of pumpkin spice lip gloss and lip balm! Transfer to a small container and decorate with your own special brand name. Gold Honey Bear Vase. Tea With A Twist. Afternoon tea with charm! Enjoy tea with your friends and make it extra special by adding charms to their tea bags.

Each tea bag will have a unique charm to create a memorable occasion. You can gift the charms or snip them off for another tea party! An elegant stocking stuffer gift for tea lovers. Ombre Kumihimo Yarn Bracelets. This magical stocking stuffer is sure to spark wonderful travel conversations. The construction of these pendants is simple and components can be found in local arts and craft stores. Travel with the scent of your perfume in a pocket watch locket?

Now you can by following these instructions. Solid perfumes keep it subtle and will scent only you. Carry it inside a sweet pocket watch locket that will become a treasure in time.

Diy Pantone Chip Magnets. For the designer at heart! Create magnets with pantone color chips. Use a different color for reminders or special notices. Decorate your home with these fun magnets! Have fun with these hand-made clay pots for little plants! They make amazing stocking stuffers and can be personalized for each of your family and friends.

Follow the instructions and create your own little masterpieces. Diy Map Iphone Case. Design your own iPhone case with map and never get lost! Create as many of these and you can interchange them whenever needed. Make some for your family and friends and they will make a perfect stocking stuffers! Discover your creativity using simple every day objects!

Check out the link on how to make your own earrings using paper clips and yarn. These small gifts make extraordinary stocking stuffers and offer a unique way of expressing yourself. Family and friends will be touched to receive something that comes from your heart! For a last minute stocking stuffer, choose the robot-in-a-tin magnet puzzle.

The instructions are easy-to-follow and all you need is printable magnet paper, a tin box, scissors, a hobby knife, and the Design-a-robot printable PDF. Shiny baubles are making a comeback! Get out your gold leaf, clay, and cutting tools, and follow the instructions to making some sparkling new jewellery.

Package them in fancy boxes and wrapping paper, and this stocking stuffer will make someone very happy!

Check off the last of your Christmas gift list for the whole family with these fabulous and tiny stocking stuffer gifts that we've rounded up this Christmas. 45 Fun Stocking Stuffers Under $ 60+ Sweet Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love. These thoughtful finds have the one-of-a-kind charm that says, "Yes, I got this just for you." Nov 27, Find the best stocking gift ideas for every member of your family this Christmas. View Gallery 57 Photos 1 of Save These Ideas Cheers to the perfect stocking stuffer to. And whether you’re just starting your Christmas shopping, or you’re on track but still have a few stubbornly uncommon people to buy for, we’ve got you covered with great stocking stuffers for foodies, geeky gadget lovers, wine fans, jewelry-lovers, gardeners, moms, dads, siblings, and friends of all kinds.