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Bo Sang Handicraft Centre on San Kamphaeng Road, Chiang Mai is a must see for Sa Paper Fans, Lamps, Umbrellas and Parasols and handicrafts.

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The most prominent of the traits is the use of a larger, symmetrical spider emblem on the front and back, the legs of which meet on the shoulders. Bloodwraith Sean Dolan is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. Bloodwraith is the murderous enemy of Black Knight and the Avengers.

He is an expert swordsman compelled to take lives, especially innocent lives. The blade is indestructible and able to cut through almost any material.

The blade was forged from a meteorite and Merlin 's magic. The blade can trap dead souls and absorb or deflect all kinds of energies and mystical power. Bloodwraith can sense the ebony blade and control it like a telekinetic.

If separated, Bloodwraith can teleport to the Ebony Blade or teleport the blade to himself. Bloodwraith rides a winged horse named Valinor. Sean Dolan was an amateur swordsman with no special abilities. When Sean drew the ebony blade, he found himself overwhelmed and controlled by all the souls of those the sword had slain, and became the Bloodwraith.

The Bloodwraith was dark black in color and appeared in costume. The sword constantly craved new blood to add, and those it slew found their souls locked in an eternal battle of good vs. Bloodwraith rides his winged horse, Valinor, and is an expert swordsman. He can control the ebony blade rather like a telekinetic. When separated from the blade, he can sense its presence and instantaneously teleport to its location.

The ebony blade could slice through anything and, previously, would curse its wielder with petrification if its wielder used the blade to draw blood. When he wielded Proctor's sword, the Bloodwraith and Valinor appeared much more skeletal and could channel powerful blasts through the sword. When powered by the Slorenian souls, Bloodwraith became composed of an energy unknown to man, and both he and the sword grew to gigantic size.

Ahura is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a member of the Inhumans species.

Ahura was created to be the son of Black Bolt and Medusa. He was banished to a prison since he shared his uncle's, Maximus The Mad , mental instability. Medusa freed him and allowed him to join the Future Foundation , but then Black Bolt allowed Ahura to be taken into the past by Kang the Conqueror. Bor Burison is an Asgardian in the Marvel Universe.

Bor, son of Buri, became the ruler of Asgard where under his rule he created the universe. Out of all of his sons, Bor paid special attention to Odin, whom he groomed to become the next king.

However, Bor was angered by Odin's decision to create humans which he was unable to reverse. Nevertheless, Bor strongly sided with Odin and the two went into battle against the Frost Giants. Bor went up against one giant, who was actually a time traveling Loki in disguise, and battled him, but was killed. Loki would impersonate Bor's ghost to get Odin to defeat Laufey and adopt the boy that would become Loki. Loki resurrected Bor in modern day, but affected his mind making him think that monsters were everywhere.

He encountered his grandson Thor and the two fought in a destructive battle that involved the Dark Avengers. Bor was killed by Thor who only found out about his identity afterwards by Loki and Balder. She then uses him to battle Thor once again. Bor once again returns to halt the wedding between Asgardian Sigurd and Valkyrie Dísir, causing much ire with the two as well as Danielle Moonstar , Hela and Loki. Bor appears in the movie Thor: Tony Curran portrays him in a flashback to the Asgardians' battle against the Dark Elf forces of Malekith the Accursed five thousand years ago.

The character, a wealthy socialite, was depicted as being very emotionally distant from her daughter. While she still loves her daughter, Melissa has since become an alcoholic and a drug pusher and has been working low paying jobs that she keeps getting fired from.

She immediately regrets this, but he is murdered by an female hitwoman posing as a water jug delivery person. Tandy and Tyrone later access Melissa's memory where it was shown that he once slapped Melissa for spilling coffee on his paperwork. This led to Tandy taking up Peter Scarborough's offer to pay to get Melissa out of the trailer park. She tells Tandy that she's got until the count of three to come out before she shoots Melissa. Following the Terrors crisis, Melissa is cleaning up her house as Tandy comes home showing her a newspaper stating that Roxxon was responsible for the incident.

Ellen Brandt grew up in a loveless, emotionless household which she had hoped to escape from. The two visited a fortune teller for fun, but she informed them that tragedy would befall their lives. When she revealed her true colors to Ted, she chased him into a swamp where he gave himself an untested super soldier formula and crashed into the swamp becoming Man-Thing.

Ellen was frightened of his appearance and thus his abilities burned half her face. The character was adapted for the film Iron Man 3 , where she is portrayed by Stéphanie Szostak. She and Eric Savin have a confrontation with Tony Stark , where she's lured into a diner which Stark floods with gas from the stove then explodes by microwaving metal from dog tags before being blown out onto power lines which electrocute her, killing her.

Broo is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. He is a mutant from the Brood race, but unlike his feral brethren he is intelligent and compassionate. Broo was born in the lab on a S.

He has been the object of bullying because of his odd behavior; however he doesn't seem to understand teasing and even takes it as a compliment. He has developed a relationship with Idie , [46] and was at the top in his class behind Quentin Quire. After discovering a robot placed there by the Hellfire Club in order to manipulate Oya, Kade Kilgore and Max Frankenstein show up and tell Broo about their plans, but he is shot and left for dead before he can tell anyone else.

Broo was often seen attacking fellow students and support staff at Killgore's school, random, brutal violence being fully supported and encouraged by the teachers. Broo is a Brood mutant because he can feel compassion and has high intelligence.

Like the rest of the Brood, Broo has several powers, including enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced agility, ability to breathe in space, and insect wings that allow him to fly. His increased intelligence has resulted in funding for his beloved school; Broo has developed a line of pastries that cause the consumer to lose weight.

Sonny Burch is a minor character in Marvel Comics. As a weapons company 's chairman, Burch acquires Iron Man 's technology patents to be sold to various companies, attempting to improve his own political position. Government, [58] and Oscorp 's imperfect battlesuits and military drones.

Sonny attempts to buy Hank Pym 's quantum technology but gets turned down by Hope van Dyne. Sonny's men subsequently battle the Wasp and Ant-Man. He later manages to get information out of Scott Lang 's friends Luis , Kurt and Dave via his "truth serum" concoction. Burch and his men fight Ant-Man and the Wasp fighting Ava Starr in a three way battle for the miniaturized technology through San Francisco. Sonny attempts to escape via boat, however, stopped by Giant-Man.

Burch and his men catch up to Luis but are tasered by Kurt and Dave. Luis injects Burch and his men with his own "truth serum" out of revenge, forcing confessions to various crimes to federal agents led by Jimmy Woo ; Sonny even confesses to his restaurant's various health code violations. Emery Schaub is a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. The character, created by Christos N.

Gage and Steve Uy , first appeared in Avengers: The Initiative 13 Within the context of the stories, Emery Schaub was is an overweight fry cook from Morganton , North Carolina who is recruited to the Initiative program and given the codename Butterball.

Despite Schaub's invulnerability, his lack of physical strength, skill, and wits make him an inappropriate candidate for the superhero program. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Marvel Comics characters. For other uses, see Barbarus disambiguation. Baron Blood John Falsworth. Baron Blood Victor Strange. Baron Blood Kenneth Crichton.

Beautiful Dreamer Marvel Comics. Big Man Henry Pym Jr. Black Cat Marvel Comics. Black Fox Raul Chalmers. Black Fox Robert Paine. Black Knight Sir Percy.

Black Knight Nathan Garrett.


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