Skinny jeans: the fashion trend that refuses to die

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An Alibi for Rape. In North America, Australia, South Africa and Northern England pants is the general category term, whereas trousers sometimes slacks in Australia and the United States often refers more specifically to tailored garments with a waistband, belt -loops, and a fly -front.

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Shop Pinup Girl Clothing for cute and sexy vintage inspired dresses, skirts, tops, and pants. We believe beauty comes in all sizes from XS-4X.
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50 Foolproof Ways To Wear Your Favorite Pair of Blue Jeans

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Droves of women during WWI went to work in factories at home while their men charged off to war. One step at a time, as they say. Hollywood Glamazons Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn not only adopted masculine tailored trousers as a part of their signature looks, they wore the suit from head to toe. But slowly society came around.

This shift finally gave women the opportunity to show off their figures in a socially acceptable way. Her svelte, sophisticated form in those simple, black cigarette pants remains a classic look for women today. The Brit explosion of the Youthquake shook everything up. I'm in the middle of moving to a new state and it's hard to get online.

Laughed aloud at the article on wide legged pants. Finally a break from the skinniest that do me no good. Also, I say, if you wore the bell bottoms the first time around, pass on them now. Great way to look dumpy and out to lunch.

I know, I wore them last week. No, not for me! I'm glad you tried something new. I have a feeling that there is some kind of wide-leg pants that you will look good in.

Try styles that flare less or flare differently I'm fairly sure that culottes will still look like shizzit on me because they looked awful even in the 60s However, I suppose it depends on the fabric and the length and the flare. Try different fabrics and brands. I happen to like tight denim jeans and tight denim leggings, but my legs are one of my skinny parts. I'm on the road with limited access to the internet.

Gee, thanks so much for the replies to me! I am pushing myself to dump all the yucky old pants that fall down on me, my waist is smaller and the pants slip down. It's not a pin the waist together thing, they simply don't work.

I think if I get one new printed soft cotton pants and add a new color on top it will be the cat's pajamas for me. Loved your comments and again laughed out loud. You do a wonderful job with your site and you really encourage me, and my age crowd! Late sixties and where the grown kids take me for granted. If I want to talk to them it's on my shoulders.

My friends agree that we have to contact them. They are so busy and truly don't know how much it means to us to talk to them. Sp how about an article on refreshing ideas to stay in contact with adult kids. I want this thought to get onto your forum. I have a problem getting my own adult kids to talk to me. My kids contact me for a while and then I say the wrong thing and they get pissed off or sulky and they stop talking to me until they need something.

You have given me a reason to contact my daughters. I'm going to ask them for tips from a grown child's point of view. I don't know if they'll answer the phone or respond to my text I'm going to ask a few grown children and hope I get some answers. Congrats on the smaller waist. And, now I'm psyched about doing research for the adult-child article. I don't know if anyone will read it or if it will be helpful, but it's a great idea. Talking to my kids who live in different states than I is constantly on my mind When I call my adult children, I make sure I have just exercised and my mood is relaxed and up-beat.

Then I stick to asking about what's happening in their life and listen to them Later they may ask about me, but that will happen 5 minutes or more in the conversation. What doesn't work well in calling them is during cooking, at dinner, or when they have an important project going on such as doing their taxes, friends over etc. I had to teach myself to realize I have to initiate and not expect them to call first.

It took me awhile to get this. My best friend told me not to give advice unless asked. I try to shut my mouth when a retort is about to slip out my mouth. So far, these approaches are working! I can handle every part of what you said except for shutting my mouth. I'll try taping your comment on my bathroom mirror and try to memorize the whole thing. Hi Tina, my friends said to not give advice to my grown children unless asked. I am working on it.

Trousers were NOT meant to hug your butt. They really wanted them to fit like a skirt- skimming your hips and rear loosely, then falling to a low crotch, and splitting into a bifurcated garment.

In some areas women were shunned if they wore pants. In other areas including California , they were more widely accepted and sometimes even worn to church- which shocked quite a few or, so I read, in a Vogue magazine. Are they suitable for every occasion?

No, if you want to be accurate. But for war work, home front work, gardening, the beach, or for collegiate looks they fit in great! But if accuracy is your thing, take heed and consider where you live and what your activity is if you want to wear vintage trousers for WWII impressions.

Swing music was here to stay, and fashion followed the teen trends. Worked with trousers, and it worked with jeans: You may see this on a bunch of old catalog description, and sometimes even printed and woven on old labels. It is NOT a fabric.

It is NOT a weave. This is still a widely used process in the textile industry on natural and cellulose based fibres. Dungarees and Jeans are basically the same thing. It depends, really, on where you live. But Dungaree is also a fabric! Dungaree fabric is dyed and then woven, and denim is woven and then dyed. The easiest way to do this is through looking at vintage patterns and their pieces. See the blue line across the middle? I was very familiar with the problems of vintage trousers.

And remember- all vintage trousers and pants were meant to fit at your natural waist. Want more vintage trouser inspiration? Do you have any questions about vintage trousers or pants? Let me know in the comments!

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Trouser Jeans. Looking for the perfect wear-to-work style? What would that be? Something flattering, with the sophistication of a pair of trousers and the comfort and durability of a pair of jeans. It's time to meet the perfect hybrid: trouser jeans. All results for "trouser jeans for women" Showing selected results. See all results for trouser jeans for women. NYDJ. Women's Teresa Trouser Jeans in Premium Denim $ 00 Prime. out of 5 stars Women's Mila Relaxed Ankle Trouser Style Jeans. . Find women's jeans for work and play. Women's jeans are a wardrobe staple for a huge variety of outfits. With a nice sweater or tunic on top, you can shape a casual yet chic look for work or running errands and then switch over to the classic t-shirt and jeans when it's time to relax with friends.