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So we moved on over to the shoe section for my son. Vitamin Cottage Boulder, CO.

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A guy on a bike? Oh, like Maple Hill Mall. Anyways, a million thanks for another Texas mall. However, I haven’t seen any Texas malls on here yet that aren’t sick, dying, or dead.
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Burlington's Premier Baby Store & Our Community of Families Snuggle Bugz has been the premier baby retail store in the Halton area for almost 10 years now. Our flagship store is located on Fairview Street, between Guelph and Walkers Line, in Burlington, Ontario.
Reviews on Baby Stores in Burlington, ON - Once Upon A Child, Snuggle Bugz, Grandma's Little Darlings, Baby Naturopathics, Snuggle Bugz, Vintage & Memories, Barefoot Babies, A Kids Corner, Once Upon a Child - Hamilton, Scholar's Choice.

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Reviews on Baby Stores in Burlington, ON - Once Upon A Child, Snuggle Bugz, Grandma's Little Darlings, Baby Naturopathics, Snuggle Bugz, Vintage & Memories, Barefoot Babies, A Kids Corner, Once Upon a Child - Hamilton, Scholar's Choice.

Dictionary of Hamilton Biography Vol I, — Exploring Hamilton's heritage neighbourhoods. North Shore Publishing Inc. Archived from the original on From a frontier town to the Ambitious City. In Cook, Ramsay; Hamelin, Jean. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. XIV — online ed. University of Toronto Press. Hamilton our Lives and Times. Archived from the original on January 29, Patrick's Day in Hamilton: The Hamiltonians, Fascinating Lives.

The Hamilton Spectator- Souvenir Edition. I think people are missing out — by thinking the only benefit of such a store are low prices. Some of the problems with the store are not their fault. Beth…I am sure you meant there is a lot of ignorance. Otherwise you proved the whole point of post.

Its their negative attitude towards their customers that stinks. They take no responsibility for the items they sell. Ace says the reason they sell shoddy and broken toys is because customers allow THEIR children to break them! Oh, give ME a break! If I sound harsh, I mean to! They are taking billions of dollars in from customers that believe they are being eco-friendly and price conscious.

They owe their consumers some respect. As a matter of fact I think I will make a project out of documenting the issues I have with this chain of stores and why shopping there may be hazardous to ones health.

When I shop at thrift shops is is normally for the reduced prices. And like everything and anything else I go with a budget. But my main reason for going is to reduce. Frugal living is for me is about cutting cost buying what I need but most of all reduce my environmental footprint of my little space called earth!

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Most of what we buy, we use only a few times anyway so why not reuse someones gently used item. But for now, I will take advantage of the tremendous amount of discarded, unwanted and ultimately quality items available and donated knowing that perhaps my money will support a good charitable endeavor.

While there are overpriced items at Value Village, they still have loads of great deals, and you can find much faster than at a Goodwill. Like any store, it is buyer beware. I was there for only an hour to find these amazing deals. I spend the equivalent time at Goodwill or Salvation Army and come back empty handed. Its better for the planet. I do shop at VV alot, and have seen prices rise sometimes way out of line but what really gets my goat is finding jeans St Jacobs and wool blankets Aberfoyle flea market that I have been told come at least in part from VV!!

The amounts of these goods seem to indicate an organized effort, sort of sad when the goods have been donated in good faith. Savers is actually my favorite thrift store.

Like any other thrift store, you need to watch. A lot of times things are cheaper new. It is a widespread problem, at least at the thrift stores that I shop at. But she should know that Savers is a for profit corporation as is Value Village and the same businesses practices apply. Mostly way too high prices with the occasional goody. The last…and final…time I was there they had dirty glassware complete with dried on milk identical to the glassware at the dollar store but twice as much.

I donate to them, give things away on Freecycle, sometimes just give to friends, and occasionally sell the really good stuff online. And the really ratty clothes become cleaning rags. Not only does it hurt actual charities who rely heavly on local donations, VV does nothing for needy individuals or support local community help programs. Value Village Savers is a very secretive, intensly private, for-profit business that uses a charity like Canadian Diabetes Association here, as shield to hide the truth.

The real story is disturbing. They are takers, not givers. And why does CDA spend more on their donation pickup program, than on diabetes research? Where is Geraldo when we need him? I am not a big fan of Value Village but their stuff is not cheap. I prefer to buy new clothing and have found stuff on the back racks of stores to be cheaper.

Or I buy when its on sale. In my area I prefer Salvation Army as they seem to have alot more stuff and their prices seem to be better. And for stuff that is used! Another indication that our world is ever so messed up. What does that man have to say about the real lives of women and how they manage to take care of themselves and their families??

Its so hard to meet the needs of a growing family today that these shops exist in the first place. Thus used goods stayed really cheap back then. But today it seen as unforgivable to waste perfectly good stuff. This change in attitude is very appealing to marketers.

They know we need them, and they have started to take advantage of good people. Thanks for posting this! I was disgusted when I went to buy kids clothing for my daughter. Instead I buy kids clothes from a locally run consignment shop in much better shape and for a way better price. We donate our used clothes to the homeless shelter and to the Society of Services which runs a local thrift shop with great prices aka: Now I prefer to donate and buy from Goodwill.

I buy things for him when I see them even if they are larger sizes than he needs at the moment. Also LOVE the toy prices! I find most stuff is dirty but I clean the items and magic eraser marks off stuff and it looks brand new.

I think the prices range greatly and I just stick to what I am willing to pay. I used to work at value village in or so. Honestly one of the best jobs in terms of nice coworkers and decent managers. The prices were quite reasonable and with an employee discount they were downright insane. Pay was low but I needed a job.

I agree the prices now are just not realistic at all. Even retro shop owners would come buy stuff to resell. Considering the cloths are donated your cost is sorting and stocking. Anything left over after about 6 weeks was compressed into a bale and headed off for the developing world. Overall, it was something were I think everyone came away with something. I ended up leaving without anything since they packaged bits of lace, which i did want, with sewing machine stuff that I did not want.

I then went to MCC only to find that as soon as they dressed up the store, the prices also got dressed up. UGM is still pretty good. Now when I thought in these terms I want to blow my top!

For there is NO value. Wait for your once a year sales at the big box stores. If enough people stop going maybe they will bend and lower prices. I totally agree this past year in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC they just keep raising their prices.

I went there yesterday to find a new belt for work. I thought VV was to help people who were low income how can these people afford it? And I stopped dropping off my used clothing to them after I heard they only give a very small percent to helping people the rest goes to the corporation. So glad I found your experiment article!! You are completely right, prices are out of control!!! What was a buck there, is AT VV. What should be a pleasant experience, or so we thought, turns out to be followed by, a..

I too could write a book after reading this!!! Just glad to know we are not being over exaggeratedly unappreciative people. We will buy something, if it catches our eye while observing our toddler, and even then, that is pretty rare.

Sometimes, while I observe my toddler and interact with her or walk briskly down isles with her, my husband will start up conversations with others about the prices and educate them about the fact that VV is private and for profit, and then mentions all the places he knows that are non profit places to shop and find things they may need. Sometimes, he stops people right at the drop off depot area and does the same.

No point in emailing them. I feel confident that they already know about their prices and it would be a waste of time. Some big wigs got to go there and do a consumer program special or something. We all know that there is a plethora of information to do so.

Anyway, thank you so much for this article, I am posting URL re facebook right now!!!! S Hope you enjoyed your green overalls!!! Also sell new, without rust IKEA for, wait for it…. I got mine for free on a promotional deal IKEA many years ago. The Edmonds VV has a flour sifter for 4. Nope not vintage, just garbage! Scratched Beatles records for Books that are book club edition for hundreds of dollars! Yes some book club editions are nice, but bucks for a book that sells on ebay for !?!??!??

Get your act together Value Village and stop ripping people off. I agree with the comments about not shopping at Walmart. Giving your business to the big W is like encouraging worker manipulation in North America as well as the rest of the world. Walmart is responsible for the bankruptcy of so many mom n pop small businesses.

There is a lot of hype around the new Target stores in Canada. I wonder if they will be any better than W-mart I hope so. We have been shocked by the prices at Value Village too. We wander through from time to time, more than half expecting to not get anything because of those ridiculous prices. Sometimes, though, like with your cute green kiddo overalls, we do find a bargain.

Granted she was in need of clothes, but some of these particular dolls go for hundreds of dollars! And many of them are no longer available. Value Village does nothing more then gouge customers. They do not give anything to Diabetes Association. The truth is they BUY the product from them.

So its tit for tat. How are they donating anything. Rumor has it that an ex value village executive started it. Its located at John st W in Midtown mall beside the dollarama. I suggest you check it out. Now, I know my local Value Village employees kids and probably lots of first timers in the work force.

And I do still find the odd deal on a book or hobby item. Waves roll gently up on the beach as the sun shines down on two private docks. Upstairs two guest suites each with their own bath and walk-in closets. A world like no other. The seller was Marsha Stroum Sloan Glazer. I agree that the prices are terrible! The prices are generally high but there are things you just have to stop and laugh at. Pieces are grouped into general categories and priced accordingly. Having said that, I am still a huge thrift store advocate and have been able to consistently find good deals.

Fantastic items, dirt cheap prices and friendly staff. The customer service at ours is terrible. Not that she was friendly before. Hi everyone I complained to Value Village on their FB page and posted pics as evidence of their overpricing on some items and they blocked me and deleted all of my posts. The less people shop there they will lose their support and will either have to change their ways or close.

Except that they are re selling donations and used items! They should be embarrassed but I guess when something really happens then they will have no choice but to pay attention. I have enjoyed reading the comments re VV. I shop at Bibles for Missions. Their prices are amazing and quality very high. All staff are volunteer and every article is inspected for stains rips tears etc.

Volunteers repair, replace buttons, zippers etc. If stained it will be laundered and only be offered for sale if clean. Staff are extremely pleasant and helpful. My family depends on being able to dress well and furnish our home within our very limited budget thanks to this store.

All this and the money goes to a wonderful cause. Not as previously stated re VV for buying mansions here on earth. My sister ran a business right next door to Value Village Edmonton and they had a garbage dumpster huge that was full of good items. They might not have sold quickly, which is hard to believe so they tossed them in the garbage dumpster huge , that was picked up every week. Did I tell you the dumpster was huge… at least 6 feet deep and 10 feet long… huge.

She was caught taking perfectly good items out and they told her they would call the police and report her. This was garbage so how is she stealing. This went on week, after week, after week. So if you give them something, you might just find it in their dumpster, that was huge…..

Not to mention the unwanted extras that might come with used clothing, like ringworm. This is a case where it pays to shop, and not assume that a thrift store is really going to be thrifty. The prices at Value Village are criminal. For example, faded and worn tops from Walmart that probably cost more than they did new. Recently I found a pair of Silver Jeans where the top of the jeans fit, but several inches of the bottom were destroyed not in a fashionable or deliberate way!

I laughed because I happened to be wearing a pair of Silvers that I bought brand new from Bootlegger for half that much. I am very happy to see that most of the comments here are exactly what I would have written. I have been a long time supporter of thrift stores, and basically could not have clothed my 4 kids without them. The past two years have seen a steady increase in prices that range from ridiculous to laughable… I refuse to buy clothing at VV, or anything electronic…I avoid bedding, and curtains, and my one time favorite, vintage ART…all now hugely overpriced.

I now frequent the new local used book store and other thrift shops where bargains are the norm, not the exception… Frenchies, Louies, Sally Ann,…But the best place to find bargains if you are quick is Kijiji…buying from real people in your community is a great way to recycle and help support others.

The trend these days is to minimize anyway… lets all buy only quality used goods from reputable sources. Sell or give away your gently used goods to friends or donate to genuine charities for re-sale. Maybe these greedy corporations will get the message. We are not as dumb as you think! Lots of great comments here; loved reading them.

I fall somewhere in the middle. Certainly the prices at VV have gone up in some cases to ridiculous levels but I still am able to find great deals with careful shopping. I would like to see VV reduce the everyday price on their merchandise rather than focusing on the holiday half off days to make it easier to find bargains all the time.

Value Village use to be cheap when they first came out, but honestly, why go there when you can hit the yard sales? As for the Good Will, they are also quite pricey, I see nobody in there. They pay the charities nothing for the furniture, electronics, books, the unsold go to landfill; housewares, the unsold goes to landfill; or jewelry.

And not only that but they get the charities to collect it all. Value Pillage is the Walmart of the thrift shop, and has basically cornered the market on what Canadians give to charity, as they have done since the beginning of Canada. If they would only price housewares so that a poor person setting up an apartment — maybe they got it through the John Howard Society — could buy some pots and pans etc. So people go to the dollar stores and buy new trash, which ends up unsold at Value Village.

I find this wildly unethical and perfectly legal. Give us back our thrift shops. I think the blog is great, and I look forward to reading through the posts. Thanks for your time, and the space on the page. Suggest to your friends to donate their soft goods to VV if they wish, and to donate other items elsewhere if they can.

I am so mad about the deception and harm done by this company — but also with Goodwill Industries, who are just as guilty for their working conditions and false charitable claims. I could go on and on and with apologies to everyone, I sometimes do…. There are folks who want to recycle, there are folks who need affordable goods and there are folks who want to help charities and their communities. And there are folks who want to realize all of these goals. There is simply very little oversight by the federal agencies who are purported to regulate these charities.

Honestly, last time I went to VV I got my boyfriend a nice suit, and I got myself 3 lovely and barely used skirts, as well as 3 tops. It had both pants and jacket. Not a stitch out of place on any of the items I bought. And your prices from Wal-Mart? Not a shirt, or pants, which cost considerably more. Do you know how much they wanted for a shredded leather jacket? It had holes in it. I agree that Walmart is not cheap.

Some items are definitely comparable but most are regular prices. And while some of their clothing is okay, some of it is cheaply made. Not to mention that Walmart is generally a boring place to shop, certainly nothing original about it! Sounds like the Value Village stores in Canada are different from the ones here in Oregon. I have always found the prices to be average thrift store prices, and every week they have had a half-price tag color.

I enjoy finding overlooked things at the super discount. The people who work there are polite and helpful, and the store smells like, wait for it, a thrift store. What do you expect? And anybody who buys clothing or textiles at a thrift store and does not plan to wash it when they get it home is a real gambler! I have never seen prices here like some of you folks have posted.

I have bought plenty of kid and grandkid clothes, sewing patterns, and textile items to be made into something else. Value Village can be a great place to shop IF you know your prices. My best deals so far: Le Creuset pot I go often but will only buy when I find something really worthwhile. The quality you find can be hugely different depending in which neighbourhood the store is located. Even big brand names are cheap.

Got guess jeans there.. Check them out starthriftstores. So glad to read all the comments from others about V. Like everyone else, I no longer shop or donate goods to V. I personally hope V. I instead make the trip to Goodwill and Sally Ann instead.

And I know the funds are going to the soup kitchen and various shelters and family services here in town. I also go to Once Upon a Child. They are super to deal with and if you have stuff to unload they will buy it as long as it is in good condition. Everything in there is much better condition then VV because they are picky and about the same price or less then VV. I was interested and they allowed me to open it. Not only was it a used school book but vintage but it had the back page torn out which essentially renders it valueless.

I stick to Goodwill or the Sally Ann. I found this on the local kijiji under free clothes that VV posted — disgraceful I flagged it as mis-categorized and complained about it being there. He wanted to talk to the mgr oh, but guess what!!! Nice Customer service there VV!!! I think you need to be a bit more adventurous when shopping at thrift stores.

My husband and a friend of his have a running contest at vv. New Patagonia jacket , headlamp, stereo system…just a few items they have had replaced….

It is no different than a regular retail corporation. I helped write an article on Wikipedia but it was stripped by the marketing maffia of Value village. Village village is owned by a millionaire…its a corporation making money on false advertising and and information of Canadians and Americans. Please take your used items to these non profit organizations a much as you can.

Avoid giving your used items to Value village if at all possible. The actually do it all the time. This is a corporation and they have to protect it. Ive read the first 20 or so posts…. AND get this people.. Salvation Army Thrift Store… BUT the store was smelly sewage smell which found out later that this particular store had problems with sewage back up….

Worse yet was the condition of the cloth put out on hangers….. SO…… Been there maybe 3 times in my life and was always disappointed with item or prices…. A couple cheaper but not her style. So we moved on over to the shoe section for my son. Are you kidding me?? We promptly turned around and left the store. What a rip job!! VV used to be such a fun, reasonably priced store.

Shame on you VV!! Anyone else noticing equally egregious price-hiking at other so-called thrift stores? Or is it just alaska? I have been a thrift store shopper for years and love it. I cant afford brand name stuff for my kids so i pick it up cheaper where I can. Its true VV has gone up but so has all the other thrift stores. I tend to go more often to the thrift stores that support the local community salvation army, bible thrift stores, even hospital ones. Goodwill has the same problem here in the US.

We also pay the charities we partner with for donations taken in. Places like Good Will and Salvation Army actually allow volunteers I believe but anyone that works in Savers has to be paid.

Yes, VV is price-gouging to reward its owners and shareholders. Yes, they get huge returns on items donated through the good will of people who intend to help charities.

At an unbelievable rate of profit to the American owners. Nice to be able to price-gouge and give oneself a pat on the back while doing so. Would suggest the following amendment to the in-store announcements: Thus, VV has no need to invest in trucks, drivers or transportation! The merchandise, and then the money, just come rolling in! While I have got many deals at VV particularly in the electronics area I do find their prices trending upwards.

I have been to the Salvation Army and goodwill by me as well and I find VV has the better items in their stores. I wonder why that is? If people only knew how much profit or charity these stores get or give then people would be able to make better choices when donating their goods.. I worked there once and I quit. I was working in the book section and someone seemed to have donating someones collection!

Tossed in the garbage. Their prices are laughable now as you can always buy cheaper new somewhere else. Hi used to be a VV customer until I discovered retail sales. Reitmans is especially good for this sort of thing and they also sell petites and plus sizes. You have to be savvy and figure out where to go for what you want. I was recently in VV to look for a costume.

Which brings me to another point. This stopped being possible around when all of that clothing was likely directed to high end second hand shops where it can earn more money. I still have some of the beautiful evening wear pieces I bought from back then, very classic, and black. Cannot be found today in VV. Finally, I remember once returning something I purchased at VV because it had a huge tear in it that somehow I never saw — it was a sweater I think.

They took it back and a week later when I went into the store I found it back on the rack. The lady in front of me in line handed cashire a card and she put it under her cash. I handed cashier my card and she said I stole the one she put down in her opened cash. However mildly insulting I would think a thief would have grabbed the cash!

I told her i had 6 cards in my wallet and they expire in 3 days I wouldnt be able to use the ones I had. The whole store was looking to see what was going on,I almost cried due to my hormones,I was mortified.

We can afford the things that are worn and dirty which yes they ship the bulk off to africa. So the poor can get only have the scrap and have to save up to buy it. Or some little toys no one is playing with anymore to put some play in a childs life whos parents cant afford them.

I have to politely disagree with the majority of the posters on this one…at least partly. Yes SOME prices at VV are completely out of sync with what items are worth, this is mostly true for those items that originate at discount stores i.

For those items you might only be paying slightly less and sometimes the same or more than you would at the original store. Generally not worth it.

You have to be choosy, but there are still lots of good deals to be had. Not only are your savings from what you would pay over retail higher on the better quality clothing at VV, but with good quality clothing in great condition, most items last longer, so your cost per wear ends up being very low. There are a couple of other reasons why I do most of my thrift shopping at VV over other thrift shops although I do go to other thrift stores as well as yard sales and swap meets.

Also, I have had terrible luck with Good Will, although I know many people who swear by the stores. The two nearest me are not only completely disorganized and have surly staff, they are both utterly filthy.

Like really really gross. Also, as far as shopping at discount racks at regular stores, I do that but I find a couple of negatives which puts me in favour of VV as my number one clothing source. Firstly again is sizing. Also, the styles that are left over and end up on the clearance rack can sometimes although not always, leave something to be desired. However the biggest issue, is that regularly shopping these stores, means that I have to be going regularly.

Often I go to VV and pick up a dozen or more items at once. I would have to go many many times to the clearance racks to get the same number of desirable items and I find that just takes too much time.

VV should be shut down, frm my tell all girls!! Only I only 1 Pennie frm each dalllllar u spend goes to there charity?? Rarely false but is this second hand help community doing more? So what u say? Now my 2 yr old has been diagnosed with dwarfism syndrome, I bought clothes for her bday that were too big, stained, missing zippers, buttons, holes in arm Pitts.

Well I worked on retail for 26 yrs, worked for Holt Renfrew, never treated my clientele this way! My clients would sneeze at the smell of the Red Deer Store!! You think I asked my children to be born special needs?

You think I choose a single income? You punish a mom who wants hand me downs for her kids that are inspected complete, clean, and at the same time gives to kids and families in need? Those who need, we do give back! How dare you take frm me!! Your company I hope fails. Mistakes for mother on a size? Vancouver, I never judged, just loved clothes and people. I was and am good at what Ive done and do!! My children are now my life?

Your Greed I hope others see. But you still read it!!!! I give to your donation door out of generosity free things that you think you can price? Cream of the Crop Oceanside, CA. Petaluma Market Petaluma, CA. Gerards Market Redlands, CA. Goodwins organics foods and drinks Riverside, CA. Mountain Natural Aspen, CO. Vitamin Cottage Boulder, CO.

Vitamin Cottage Denver, CO. Vitamin Cottage Dillon, CO. Vitamin Cottage Littleton, CO. Vitamin Cottage Monument, CO. Vitamin Cottage Northglenn, CO. Garden of Light Avon, CT. Wellness Cafe Washington, DC. Nature's Health Foods, Inc. Richard's Foodporium Englewood, FL. Citizens Co-op Gainesville, FL. Staff of Life Niceville, FL. Artichoke Red Orlando, FL. Living Waters ormond beach,, FL. Richard's Foodporium Osprey, FL. Richard's Foodporium Sarasota, FL. Diane's Natural Market St.

Diane's New Dawn St. Peggy's Natural foods Stuart, FL. Richard's Foodporium Venice, FL. Garden of Eat'n Jesup, GA. Earth Fare - the healthy supermarket Martinez, GA. Healthy Hut Kilauea, HI. Northfork Naturals Lenore, ID. Nature's Nook Rexburg, ID. Natural Gourmet Champaign, IL. Jacobs herb shop Fairview Heights, IL. Earthly Goods Gurnee, IL. Fruitful Yield Lombard, IL. Foothills Organics Utica, IL. Herb Thyme Market, Inc. Adele's Naturally Evansville, IN.

Health Food Shoppe of Ft. Wayne Fort Wayne, IN. Nature's Market Indianapolis, IN. Nutrition Plus Clinton, IA. Thymely Solutions Fairfield, IA. Prairieland Market Salina, KS. Matthews Market Louisville, KY. Gene's Health Food, Inc. Sunshine Garden Covington, LA. Megunticook Market Camden, ME. Spice of Life Skowhegan, ME. Roots Market Olney, MD. People's Market Amherst, MA. Wild oats health food store Beverly Farms, MA.

Cambridge Naturals Cambridge, MA. Good Health Natural Foods Inc.

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