Why and When Did Americans Begin To Dress So Casually?

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He fell for this woman and she wanted to spend evenings when he visited snuggling with her cat. I'm covered in large tattoos head to toe and I'm married to a man who is the head chef of the number one restaurant in our town he is also covered in tattoos, neck to fingers to ankles Judging by your simple minded generalizations that obviously aren't true, my only suggestion is that you associate with better caliber women.

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Design Features see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. I will never understand the mentality of a female who believes she can be intimate with several men and expect a man to love and cherish her after she's contracted STDS. Clearly, the men are too piggish to care as well. The laws in this country are obnoxious. Women who choose to stay home and care for their off spring are demonized and called anti feminist, on that level alone I do not bother associating with American women. Family unit is desecrated, and seriously, I just feel the majority of American people in general have IQ's lower than that of a doormat.

Anyone and everyone different than the American standard is shunned, labeled according to the opposite of one's political beliefs, If you're Arab you're Al Queida or ISIS, If you're Hispanic, you're a Mexican who belongs to a gang, 'War was invented so Americans could learn geography - Mark Twain. Sadly, most Americans lack the ability to recognize cultural differences in others, Hell Sikhs are considered Muslims, I could go on but why bother.

To the author, marry yourself someone from abroad. Hopefully you can find someone who emotionally stimulates you and doesn't leave you mentally curled up into a fetal position while you suffocate laying in a pile of vomit whilst reality tv reruns are blaring in the back ground. I am a 16 year old American girl. Both this article and these comments are breaking my heart. Im sorry on behalf of all American women that you see us in such a light. I would never intentionally do any of these things listed in the article.

I hope that you can see me as one nice, down to earth American. Annabella that was really sweet. You sound like a wonderful woman. Annabella that was really sweet you sound like a wonderful human being.

This description should go for all Americunt women. White,Black,Hispanic,Asian They all suck. All the Anglo countries are messed-up, no two-ways about it!

Honestly, i think that women never had any morals or 'dignity' because their chicken brains never had the capacity in the frontal lobe to become something more than a chattering little monkey - if they had the capacity for thet previously it was because that behaviour was endorsed upon them by society; and men; not being induced with a feminist-coma believing they were equal and not in need of correction when their behaviour went haywire.

I mean everything i've realized about people so far in life points to that women - apart from men - doesn't have the capacity for higher thought where they develop moral guidelines and principles they follow, but are more stuck on a teenager stage throughout their whole life controlled by impulses from the 'Id'.

Without anything that filters that bullshit out. Where modern western culture simply have put them on too high horses where men aren't endorsing civilized behaviour on them anomore, where it becomes painfully obvious they aren't equal to men and actually intellectually inferior. Regardless of what social stature or education they aquire; they simply lack the capacity to evolve into something worthy of respect.

I am an Eastern European woman, married to an American man. A lot of things mentioned in the article actually apply to my husband, things like being fat, bad attitudes and disrespect towards other nations, bad fashion, arrogance, selfishness, immaturity, poor mental prowess, infatuation with supermodels, no common sense, etc. I regret very much that I have married an American man. This was a BIG mistake. Unfortunately, I have to stay in this marriage because of the child.

Way to be a supportive wife. Try making him happier instead of thinking about yourself all the time. How hypocritical of you, Stephen Hooton. You expect her to just grin and bear it.. You are an idiot. The reality is that all Americans are trashy losers with no sense of soul. Just look at how this country was founded.

A lot of what you say is true for a lot of men here, but not all. However, the symptom in alot of the men here in the US and other Anglo societies is the result of over 50 years of feminism and the policies that go with it. Real masculinity here is shamed and marginalized, while being a mangina and kissing up to feminists is praised. There are few male role models in society anymore to teach our boys how to be good men.

Due to the no-fault divorce laws more children are having to learn to grow up without a father. There is no incentive to "man up" and start a family when the divorce laws make it too easy for women here to destroy the relationship due to the one sided divorce laws that automatically reward women's bad behavior by using the government to strip the ex of his wealth and transfer it to her pocket.

It doesn't matter if he is father of the year and she is an evil witch, the woman almost always wins the case.

I don't agree with alot of it, but I understand why some of them act immature and do what they do. What incentive is there to be a "real man" when you are going to get screwed in the end anyway? This is the end result of feminist policy.

Feminism is not about equal rights for women. It is about the marginalizing of men, creating a rift between the genders of society, then governments using conflict to help with that societies control. Yet I see more and more countries following in the same footsteps and not learning from our mistakes. There are probably feminists in your country peddling the same idea for your country. Ask the feminists after hearing about the final results of feminist policy if feminism is still a great idea for Eastern Europe?

Don't say I didn't warn you. Stephen Hooton You said: Why don't you try to make an American Woman happy? Guys like you, chauvinists, think that they are entitled to have a beautiful, smart, and nice woman.

But you know what? Women want to be respected, loved, they want not only a good lover, but a friend, a sole mate. Look at Winston, he is a total looser, dreaming about supermodels, and he blames women for being attracted to handsome, confident guys.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Most of the guys here in this site are fucked up losers who blame women for not getting laid. Perhaps worse than American women that this loser named Winston so horribly described in a very biased way. I'm an Asian girl btw and I disagree with most that is posted on this site. True enough, we may be more feminine and demure than most American women but I don't think that should be used to slut-shame women of other races.

This site is sexist and racist at best. I have such pity for the chaps who believe things Winston psots on this god-forsaken site. You are not doing your kids a favour by staying in that miserable marriage.

Try to find a good Woman to marry instead. Love and acceptance is a two way street You can't expect women to be happy with shit men.

Like this whole site is. It's fine if men wish to explore their options of course But blaming women for the fact that a man is a total shit, because she isn't a "supportive wife"? And they say that women try to avoid accountability and place undue blame This is, for the most part, true. American women suck compared to women who live in other countries. The typical American woman is dumb, cannot cook, has a loud, annoying voice, is fat, has a bad attitude, and is constantly chasing asshole guys.

You want to be happy. Move overseas and marry someone from another country. I kind of agree with this list! America in general is dysfunctional no matter how you slice it! Thank the good lord I've been off the market for the last five years. May God have mercy on all of us. I don't think the men are so wonderful themselves but my message to them is don't enable all this bad behavior. In the meantime you may just do better overseas. American Women like to lick pussy. You are kidding me right?

I didn't know any one person could be spew forth such misogynistic garbage. If this is some elaborate troll, i applaud you! Otherwise your incessant drivel of how inferior the american woman is ignorant and appalling. The sexist statements you make are merely masked by the use of "american" before you use the word: After reading most of your hate filled tirade I was able to make the conclusion that you are of no quality man yourself. Your problems with women could possibly stem from your absolute hatred for the female sex.

This is probably why they treat you like trash. Your opinions about tattoos, mental prowess, and other such statements are obviously related to a sense of low self esteem. It is possible you were not loved by your mother enough as a child and this caused a deep rooted loathing for women. And for those of you who agree with this abortion of an article, take a good hard look at yourselves.

Thin, personable, fashion savvy, modest, generous, mature, perfect co-worker, non-secular, culinary expert, non-tattooed, loving, perfectly logical, genius, paragon , and an accepting person then you should probably not cast the your lot with the Hate-filled Vermin that was the author of this refuse.

Thank you A man who finds your kind disgusting. You, "sir", are a moron if you can't see the truth in this article. I've lived all around the world and this author is preaching fact. No one gives a fuck if it offends your delicate, white-knight sensibilities. I like how he used Sir and then used White Knight. Thank you A "mangina" who finds your kind disgusting. American men- please grow up. You are not at all as intelligent, righteous, moral, and desirable as you think you are.

As a woman who has spent a large part of my life in both other countries AND America, I can only conclude that you are jaded and miserably lonely. I too dislike most women, however I dislike women of all races and ethnicities because I do not get along with the same sex.

However, I would never be so degrading and insulting as you. These generalizations only make you seem unintelligent and small minded. They also lead me to believe you've had some bad experiences with American women that cause you to resent them. I have quite a few female friends who are highly intelligent, well versed, athletic and able to cook, several are chefs in fact, and they by no means fall under any category your ignorant beliefs would try to place them in.

I myself am a manager, about to become vice president, of a non-profit organization where I live. I'm covered in large tattoos head to toe and I'm married to a man who is the head chef of the number one restaurant in our town he is also covered in tattoos, neck to fingers to ankles Judging by your simple minded generalizations that obviously aren't true, my only suggestion is that you associate with better caliber women. Maybe the fault lies in you, not in them.

Of course he is bitter. He admits he hasn't had success with picking up beautiful white American woman. He is a short, chubby Asian man that resents that these women are not in his league, even though he supposedly cold approaches a lot of them. For someone that claims he is happier abroad, he sure does like picking the brains of American women. I honestly can't wait for all Women in America to turn lesbians. This is the worst thing I have Ever read!! You are so insulting to us American women!

You don't know us all like you obviously think you do! Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess! Wow, these cheap shots are actually quite entertaining. Glad I can keep haters busy by telling the truth!

It's not insulting, it's the truth! I've survived every single one of those facts up there. Most American women are nothing more than an experience to survive, if us guys are lucky American Women are great, thank Goddess stupid male abominations are leaving the country.

As a male who has lived abroad and returned to America, I will say that many of these have a very tiny grain of truth but on the whole, this article has much over exaggerated, especially the last 5 points. The only one that I could say I more or less agreed with was 8 but I think that point is just as true for American men.

Its no debate that more women in America exhibit these traits but to say that all of them do is extreme. Guys with small dicks who are too poor to buy a Porsche write whiney articles like this. You both are sexually frustrated and angry at yourself that the only way you can get sex is through buying whores on the street. You blame the world instead of investing time in self improvement which makes you out to be a resentful, bitter asshole that remains ignorant and is not open to any critique 3.

You pride yourselves on being individuals that can freely express your opinion and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment when other pathetic ass losers such as yourselves comment in agreement. You have accomplished very little in real life and feel to be on top of the world with the blog you have created here. You fail to understand the difference between subjective comprehension of your self claimed truth and what others experience. You quickly dismiss others that claim otherwise because its too hurtful to think that other people's positive experiences means that they are more successful than you which is not necessarily true as you have heaps of room for improvement if you wish to take it 7.

You're angry but you know everything I've said is true 9. You had poor relationships with your mummy when you were young which is why you despise women in a general sense I am a foreign woman who has spend quite a lot of time in the US. Beautiful people, both men and women, have a lot of attention since childhood. If they are successful as adults, of course, they want to have the best.

A beautiful successful woman would want to have a guy of the same quality. Just like a handsome successful guy would like to have a model-looking woman. You cannot change that. Also, I see a lot of nice-looking women around, who are family-oriented, busy with their children and families.

The wealthy and elite males in the world can be with whichever woman they choose. Some of them are ugly as sin crossbred royalty for example.

Though I disagree with this post in general, you are wrong. If Winston's net worth was one billion dollars USD, you would date him, become his wife, and bear his children without a second thought. I recommend you to travel, come back to America and see the difference Andy would you be so kind as to show a photo of your face? Really interested to see what your little whiny bitch ass looks like Much love. Post your picture first, e-thug. I'm sure you feel like BIlly Badass when you're typing out words which make you feel tough behind the keyboard of your local library.

All the cheap-shots and ad-hominems here dodge the issues mentioned. The article tells the truth, but some people just can't handle it. As a male living in American I agree with your observations!! Especially the part about women in the workplace. Keep in mind that many companies provide additional extra support for women that they do not provide to men. For example women leadership circles, etc. Women are considered a minority despite making up at least half of the population!

It might be that the best move a man could make these days is to have a sex change. Might even be able to get the ACA Obamacare to cover the costs!! These articles apply to men of the lowest common denominator. Too bad you fell for it. In case you haven't realized, women have always been treated as a minority in appalling ways across the world lack of suffrage, few female leaders, unequal access to education and proper pay, being forced to stay at home, and genital mutilation just to name a few.

Heaven forbid that a human being may get ahead in a world that is designed to hold her back. Thank god for women like Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Jane Goodall, and thousands of other brilliant minds that bear proof that a woman is worth something grand.

The feminists favorite weapon is guilt trip. Everything Andy said is true. I live in America and I've known this for well over 12 years of my life and AW are only getting worse. I will not let you hags guilt trip me from exposing your narcissistic bi polar devil ways. Your days are numbered. All male abominations are of the Devil and ought to leave the Earth. It is funny, because I have spent plenty a time thinking the same thing about sexist men. I am hoping that their days are numbered.

This makes me weep. I'm a stay-at-home mom, I love my man, I shop frugally, I make sure my husband has everything he needs, and I get up in the morning to brush and braid his hair, make his lunch, and kiss him goodbye as he goes off to work. I love that he works his ass off to provide for us. I'm a disabled veteran, with a small stipend from the VA.

Everything both of us make goes into running the household. I teach our children manners, politics, geography, and all the other things they need to know that the schools don't teach.

Yes, I am fat. I have degenerative disc disease, which hampers my movements, and it wasn't financially feasible to keep up our gym membership for the past two years. Once we can go to the gym again, I will work out in the water until I regain my healthy weight. We don't eat fast food, I cook healthy food. I don't have friends who fit any of the descriptors in the article, simply because I can't stand being around people, male or female, who act like that.

I love my husband and children. I dress the way my husband likes me to dress, because he's the one paying the bills. I've never had fake nails, I don't consider shopping a sport, and I don't make impulse purchases. I prefer to think of myself as closer to the norm, and the awful people described in the article as simply a very loud majority.

We're not all like that. And, oh, yes, I'm a feminist, and so is my husband. All good people wish for equality, rather than supremacy of one gender or another.

We're all in this together, people. Why not make it a wonderful journey? Don't pay attention to this idiotic article. I am a Woman born in Eastern Europe, have traveled all over the world and decided to make America my home because Women here have strong spirits. I do wish more Women in US were lesbians, though. There is much more that needs to be done, prostitution must be urgently legalized.

But all in all, this country is moving in the right direction. And to answer your question, male abominations DO NOT want equality, that is why we, Women need to take a huge dump on them and continue dumping our shit on them, until their miserable, idiotic brains get it.

Oh my god look at this freak. Here we have an article talking about all the women that have sold their souls and then we have a woman who spills her heart out talking about how she feels she has done all she can for her man even though she is fat, and then this freak pops up and uses this as an opportunity to actually prove the article correct.

A lesbian that wants to promote her man hating qualities, legalize prostitution, and tells other women to abuse men. Obviously she proves the point if the article but she also wants other women to do and act in a way that will make their lives worse. Ladies hopefully this proves it was the lesbos that put you in this situation in the first place. What is with these generalizations? Surely you must be educated to know that not all women, men, Americans, and lesbians are the same.

What school system has failed you?? Jelena Dzopalic lol https: This post is sexist; it really robs the sense that the writer is a person of the world when they judge a nation of millions, a hot pot of culture, through the scope of one stereotype. There are good and bad people everywhere. I am sorry you must be so short sighted. How can a person so well versed in culture remain so ignorant? There is just no helping some people.

I am a Black women, and find white women very insecure, making them difficult to talk with and befriend. This has more to do with the racial and cultural segregation and stratification of this society, in which she was placed on an undeserved pedestal to promote and maintain the myth of white supremacy.

Yes, America has a history of Apartheid, which manufactured undeserved privilege which particularly benefited white women more than has ever been admitted. Their insecurities and jealousy toward women of color was legendary, and led to so much unnecessary grief, anguish, destruction and misery for them. Back then, Black women were a product of their own cultural heritage, which required them to carry themselves much more refined and dignified.

Most of what is called "American cuisines" were invented or mastered by Black women, who are the cooks in back in those days.

She would pass this knowledge and skills down to her daughter's and sons. I could go on. But, it is important to add a cultural element to this article, because there is a deeper history than most are either too ignorant or too shallow or too in denial to admit and accept. The American women," has many parts and many histories that are unique to their historical perspective and experience in this country. In the case of Black women, many have completely lost their way. I am always amazed at how many black people bitch about their African roots.

If you were born here, you're American. Just like everyone else that was born here. My family didn't get here until the mid's, but I'm not running around calling myself German. Just get over it already. Spoiled is spoiled white black brown don't matter. I am very fortunate to have a good woman..

Don't care what race she is as long a she is intelligent caring not materialistic good at sex sweet and down to earth. You just described both my former black female boss to a T. The only thing you forgot to mention was the ridiculous blond dye job she did to her hair I've never seen a hairstyle so ridiculously unattractive. After being conspired against in a department where I was the only man among five women, my position was eliminated.

I went back to running my own business, working for myself, and deciding for myself which clients I would work with, and which I would reject. It's a pleasure working with people based on the "content of their character" and merit, rather than their gender and skin color.

I'm American female, thin,honest,quiet, IQ,no tattoos, only date nice guys, don't care how much money they do or don't make, design clothes have impeccable taste, was voted best boss in three of my jobs, work for a non profit, let go of ego its a daily thing for any coconscious person , lean heavily toward side of logic and men yes men are mentoring me on listening to my gut , have been called giving and generous by many, can bake everything from a 5layer gingerbread house to homemade chocolates , am anti materialistic, believe less is more, now hating men I would say no..

AND I can see how the author would generalize and see validity to some points.. I like how all the points are laid out and also believe this opinion will and can do more good than harm. I, I, I, me me me, that's your entire post, good job on being a narcissist. Good job on being pointless both of you. Waste of internet space. Miss, if you had a bowl of marbles and 5 of them were blue and of them were red would you claim some type if victory for blue marbles?

If someone said hey I have a bowl of red marbles would they not be pretty accurate? You wouldn't jump in and claim he was wrong because there were 5 blue ones in the marbles would you? I believe the reason she posted a comment about herself was to prove this author wrong. And then you go ahead and call her a narcissist. She was merely trying to provide an example in which the author failed to overlook: So, if the narcissistic route won't win misogynists over, please inform us of the proper route to take when discussing gender politics.

Let's make this a fair discussion, shall we, men? This article is true. America is an evil place full of guns, crime, abortions, processed food and every evil known to man.

It got rich off of african slaves and still to this day treats them like trash. Americans are mostly white supremistswhose job is to enslave all people of color - asians, blacks, africans, latinos, etc. What would America do if they couldn't kill, lynch, enslave and destroy the yellow, brown and black nations?

American women are the devil and any righteous man would hate living in this hell hole where you cannot walk down the street without hearing devil music blasting or choking to death in cigarette smoke. American women are fat, ugly and old. They hate men and love using them and killing their offspring.

The evil white women has become the "holy woman" which means every human female is worshiping evil. It's the land of cancer, crime and debt. Millions of people drugged up, drunk and in prison. Losing their lives to gun violence and racism.

The rest of the world may lack money but America lacks everything because it's 17 trillion dollars in debt. Winston and Andy are truth speakers, and the evil masses cannot stand truth in this evil cesspool. Minorities have more rights in this country than any white person.

So get off your high horse. They complained and bitched so long, they got want they want When my kid can get a scholarship or I can get a loan simply because I'm black or Hispanic, then maybe you can come back and talk on the subject. Until then, shut your trap about the white people who take the brunt of nearly everything in this country.

For all the others on this page. If you don't like America, no one is stopping you from moving out of the country. We could use less azzholes. Yep, keep on ranting about "poor white men" being discriminated against.

White men already run everything, and they're still unhappy with everybody and everything. In 30 years which will likely happen in my lifetime , white Americans will numerically be in the minority, and they already are in California. Maybe give it another years, THEN white Americans can start complaining about discriminating because of their skin color Provided that the USA hasn't started a nuclear holocaust yet.

Yep, minorities have more rights. That's why colleges are predominantly white, right? That's why white cops are allowed to shoot black kids, right? There is another more disturbing 'trend' going on.

Is every other woman over 50 gay or just wanting to experiment? I recently cut my hair rather short which makes me look dike-ish. The short cut was intentional, my hair was ruined by medication. Now, I am hit on or get in conversations that quickly turn to "i have nothing against gays" sort of thing. These are strait looking women. Maybe these are the ones that the author talks about.

Now older and more confused However, based on what I've come across online and heard from female friends: I get the impression most American women also can't stand each other. Men are not available to women your age for the most part.

The ones that learned how to live in a harmonious relationship are settled. That leaves you with men who have given up long ago and therefore are not out looking and women who have been lonely for a long time and are finally realizing being strong and independent is not all it's cracked up to be.

Men, from your age treated women like shit, but women reacted emotionally instead of rationally: This thinking has led to disastrous results because these women have forced that thought into their children both sons and daughters. The result is old lonely women who blame the world instead of themselves and younger generations of women demanding the world without doing anything to to earn or deserve it; and the men trying to please them at any cost.

Now e live in a society where a majority of the women lay out all these lists see all social media of what a man should be, what he should have, how he should act, and what women should not put up with.

The opposite is almost non-existent: The following generation resulted in girls that have entitlement issues and boys who have checked out or become pickup artists: Sorry- this is too long of a reply: Keep in mind, I'm just one person with limited experiences and therefore just a random, somewhere narrow-minded yet thought out opinion.

I am not an American women, but damn, you're just mean. Well, it's more that the ignorance of the article stings my eyes This is not fiction, it is reality. This article describes all the white women on pof match etc to a tee lmao-right on point wow-Ive heard and witnessed all the EXACT same stuff he describe here NO exaggerations.

I'm embarrassed to say that I am a United Statean because you're correct: Most United Statean woman are disgusting. I hate that they cut their hair short, fist fight each other, lie, cheat, steal, i. They don't realize that straight men want a partner who is a lady, not a dude. Read the comparison chart on happierabroad. This is so true. I once dated a very hot BraZilian man and most of my girlfriends made fun of him for wearing speedos. He didnt understand it. I used to be like those stipid biotches but he had an amazing body.

I have no regrets. Dating him taught me that my culture really sucks. Too bad he couldnt stay longer because of his visa. I would have married him. Fuck the feminists and all the bitches in the workplace who act like they deserve special treatment. You are filthy fucking bitches. Fuck the misogynists, too.

Stay at home, misogynists. Let's let capable women get the real work done. Americunt women have no honor, accountability, integrity, respect or empathy - and this is their chosen downfall to use their vagina's which harbor, breed and spread disease to plow through life, never really getting it.

Not all women, just As Americans, our casual style uniformly stresses comfort and practicality—two words that have gotten little attention in the history of fashion but have transformed how we live. A hundred years ago, the closest thing to casual was sportswear—knitted golf dresses, tweed blazers, and oxford shoes.

It has infiltrated every hour of the day and every space from the boardroom to the classroom to the courtroom. Because clothes are freedom—freedom to choose how we present ourselves to the world; freedom to blur the lines between man and woman, old and young, rich and poor. The rise of casual style directly undermined millennia-old rules that dictated noticeable luxury for the rich and functioning work clothes for the poor.

Until a little more than a century ago, there were very few ways to disguise your social class. You wore it—literally—on your sleeve. Today, CEOs wear sandals to work and white suburban kids tweak their L. Raiders hat a little too far to the side.

Compliments of global capitalism, the clothing market is flooded with options to mix-and-match to create a personal style. Despite the diversity of choice, so many of us tend towards the middle—that vast, beige zone between Jamie Foxx and the girl who wears pajama bottoms on the plane.

Casual clothes are the uniform of the American middle class. Just go to Old Navy. And in America, nearly everyone wants to put it on because nearly everyone considers himself or herself to be middle class.

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