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Tall Ships® Erie , presented by Highmark will take place August 22 - 25, The festival will showcase approximately tall ships, on-board tours & sail-aways, live music and entertainment, children's activities, a festival marketplace, food vendors, a beer garden and much more.

Milwaukee's Denis Sullivan is a frequent visitor at festivals on Lake Michigan. All sales are final.

Tall Ships Network is a global platform for all things tall ships and Sail Training. We're here to help you easily discover, promote and enjoy the many tall ships events, voyages and more happening around the world. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure, education and celebration. Tall Ships Network is a global platform for all things tall.
Tall Ships Tour Dates , Tall Ships concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Tall Ships tour dates here. Tall Ships are an experimental band from Brighton, UK, .
Monday, July 22, Ships depart on their own schedule. Thursday, July 18, p.m Songs of the sea and those who sail upon it have become an increasingly popular part of Tall Ship Celebration. These events and activities occur outside of the festival and are produced by businesses and organizations in the Bay City area in.
Watch for the bigger tall ships to return to the Great Lakes in The non-profit organization Tall Ships America uses the festivals to promote sail training for youths and adults. Many of the ships take on paying adult sail-trainees to sail from one festival to the next.
Background. Bay City is a host port for the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®, a series of races and rallies organized by TALL SHIPS AMERICA. In , Bay City celebrates eighteen years of award-winning maritime festivals having hosted the fleet every time it has visited the Great Lakes in , , , , and


Monday, July 22, Ships depart on their own schedule. Thursday, July 18, p.m Songs of the sea and those who sail upon it have become an increasingly popular part of Tall Ship Celebration. These events and activities occur outside of the festival and are produced by businesses and organizations in the Bay City area in.

Most agree, though, that the term was first used regularly following the organization of the first Tall Ship races. Today, the term is used frequently as a generic description of traditional sailing vessels of all rigs. There are many different types of sailing ships, but they all have certain basic things in common. Every sailing ship has a hull, rigging, and at least one mast to hold up the sails that use the wind to power the ship.

Ballast weighs down the bottom of the ship so the wind does not push it over. Little notice is now taken of this supposed rule. He obtained the support of Earl Mountbatten and together with influential people in the sailing world an organizing committee was formed and went to work. Fore topmast staysail 8. Fore lower topsail Fore upper topsail Fore lower topgallant sail Fore upper topgallant sail. Main royal staysail Main topgallant staysail Main topmast staysail Main lower topsail Main upper topsail Main lowr topgallant sail Main upper topgallant sail Mizzen royal staysail Mizzen topmast staysail Crossjack, mizzen course Mizzen lower topsail Mizzen upper topsail Mizzen lower topgallant sail Mizzen upper topgallant The ships will arrive in downtown Bay City on Thursday, July 18 from 1: Guests can purchase a Daily Admission Ticket to enter the parks at noon and watch the ships parade in.

The parks will close to the public at 5: As they arrive downtown, the ships will not be under sail. Unfortunately, there is not a place to see the ships under sail from shore. What do I need to purchase to access the festival? Guests are required to pay a daily admission fee to enter the parks for each day you wish to attend. This provides access to all standard festival activities and services. Required for each day you wish to attend the festival.

To board and tour the visiting tall ships, guests must also purchase a Souvenir Passport. Passports are issued to each guest and are not transferable. They are good for the entire 4 days of the festival and allow the bearer to board and tour each visiting tall ship one time.

Souvenir Passports are not valid for admission to the festival. Guests much also purchase a daily admission ticket for each day they wish to attend.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the festival? All festival attendees are required to purchase a daily admission ticket for each day you wish to attend the festival. Each sail-away passenger is required to have a daily admission ticket to enter Tall Ship Celebration. A free admission ticket will be issued to each sail-away passenger - via email - prior to Tall Ship Celebration. There is no age limit to enter the festival or sail aboard Appledore IV or V.

However, children 6 years old and under are required by Michigan law to wear a lifejacket at all times while aboard the vessel. We strongly advise that you bring your own lifejacket. BaySail and Tall Ship Celebration will not be responsible for providing them to sail-away passengers. This is the best location for our handicap guests to park. There will be an additional shuttle route taking guests from Wenonah Park East side to Veterans Memorial Park West side and vice versa.

Shuttle service is provided by Bay Metro. Schedule TBD and will be posted soon. If you are participating in a sail-away excursion, please remember to allow yourself plenty of time to park and navigate the festival grounds. The Madeline was built to be authentic to the era, so she doesn't meet Coast Guard requirements to sell tours or cruises.

But she makes frequent appearances at festivals, sailed by Maritime Heritage Alliance volunteers. They also offer complementary heritage and community sails of Grand Traverse Bay on both the Madeline and the foot Champion , an s-style single-masted cutter. The boats dock on the west edge of Traverse City. For many years, the alliance also sailed the foot armed sloop Welcome, a replica of a vessel that was built in by a merchant at Fort Michilimackinac, purchased by the British military in and lost in a storm.

Also at the alliance's Traverse City dock: It's operated by the Traverse Tall Ship Co. It also offers ice-cream, wine-tasting and entertainment cruises and four-day theme sails.

For overnight guests, the evening sail is included. For more, see At sea in Door County. Noted as a fluent instrumentalist, Murdock's musical influences span fifteen generations, combining ragtime, Irish, blues and folk styles with his flair for storytelling in songs. Pod Wiatr hails from Poland, a country surrounded by sea to the north and mountains to the south.

Since their founding in , Pod Wiatr has kept a consistent theme of traditional nautical songs with Irish and Bluegrass twists. An impressive repertoire of instruments include: The band has been a fixture at over twenty nautical festival around Europe and made their U.

With a unique acoustic sound and intricate three part vocal harmonies, Roane specializes in Celtic, folk, and maritime music. Their repertoire consists of traditional Celtic melodies, American traditional favorites, and sea shanties with their own personal twist. Pouring out heart-felt lyrics and melodies, their music embodies the soul of their Celtic ancestry, while adding their own modern harmonies and instrumentation. Their expertise in numerous musical instruments and styles regales audiences at halls and stages all over Michigan.

Collectively members have honed their craft through experiences with classical training, Marine Corp and other bands, European tours and torchbearer of family legacy. Whisky and Water engages audiences, singing and performing fast-moving jigs and reels, sea shanties, sea songs, and the occasional waltz or Irish polka. Dancing is welcome; singing along is irresistible.

Za Horyzontem is a Polish folk group whose songs tell stories about the sea from a female point of view. Their music is inspired by Irish folk music and they play their own original material. Since they have performed almost concerts both in Poland and abroad. Colorful costumes and feminine charm create performances that are entertaining and engaging. Join us for three-days of amazing music and merriment in the spirit of our popular maritime festival.

When the festival closes at 5: When the festival ends for the day, the music carries on into the evening and the taps flow with Michigan craft beers. Their songs transport you to the wildest pub in Port Royal at the turn of the eighteenth century. Their new CD "The World is Ablaze" draws on the fact that pirates sailed the world around and pirate crews were an international lot, so their music would be a medley of styles plundered from all over. The Celtic Jam 5: All Hands Sing Around.

Crew Games Veterans Memorial Park Join us at the ballfields in Veterans Memorial Park for a kickball tournament featuring crew and trainees from visiting tall ships south of bridge.

Enjoy action-packed, life action shows from two stages through the festival. Knot-tying Presented by BaySail Learn how to tie knots and make a souvenir. Tall ship captain and crew will help along the way. Prizes awarded to those who successfully complete the task. Presented by Do-All, Inc. Tickets available at the door: Get your ticket now! The service will feature a special blessing of the tall ship fleet.

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Tall Ship! Since , we‘ve been sailing from Navy Pier in Chicago and have hosted thousands of happy sailors since. The Tall Ship Windy offers the most spectacular fireworks experience during the Chicago summer. Waskiewicz said eight Great Lakes ports are scheduled to host Tall Ships festivals in the summer of The Flagship Niagara League has hosted Tall Ships Erie festivals in , and Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. Tall Ships Duluth Replying to @tallshipsduluth. How do we find out the exact dates for Aug Duluth Tall Ships? 0 replies 1 retweet 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. 1. Retweeted. 1. Like. Liked. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline.